Monthly Archives: May 2008

The clock is ticking.

We’re checked into the hotel. My bike has been dropped off at T1, I got a half hour practice swim in Lucky Peak Reservoir and I am much more comfortable with how I may do coming out of the water. Continue reading

Bang! I’m off.

The bags are packed. I’ve printed everything I can think of, made my lists, and planned my schedule (to be posted here AFTER I finish – no time now!!!). Continue reading

Days (and nights) of madness.

Last night I was walking the dogs and an idiot neighbor triggered an explosion of anger and tension. Continue reading

Preliminary packing list for first half ironman

Brain dump time, folks. Part of the blog is sharing the process, so here’s everything I need to pack tomorrow for my flight out Friday morning: Continue reading

Pollo del mar.

Didn’t get into bed until midnight last night, which means five hours of sleep before the spine tingling terror of the last ocean swim before my half ironman in four days. Continue reading

It has a name

The results are in. The bike has new aerobars, it’s race-ready, and the test run this morning was a success. I dub thee –

Continue reading

Leave the GPS at home.

Being a slave to data can have its drawbacks. Today I’m in Richmond, CA, in the east Bay near San Francisco, and I left the GPS at home. Continue reading