Critical mass, powered by crack.

My friend rides weekly with the Wolfpack Hustle, bombing the streets of LA at night at blistering speeds. There’s also the Midnight Ridazz, another night-riding group, but the Wolfpack Hustle attracts serious speed junkies. A couple Cat-2 racers have dropped in and been dropped by the Hustle crew. (Pro cyclists are rated in categories 1-5, the lower the number the faster the rider. A cat-2 rider can be identified by having modeled for The Triplets of Belleville, or by their distinct “whoomp whoomp whoomp” sound as they fly past you going 45 mph.)

The Crimanimalz are another offshoot of these psyco-cycle crews, and a week ago they bombed the 10 and the 405 freeways at the height of rush hour. With helmet cameras. And capes. 


One response to “Critical mass, powered by crack.

  1. As a committed pedestrian, I found that video highly entertaining.

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