Human scum.

I need to change my schedule. Normally I swim Mondays at the pool in Playa Vista. For the second time now I’ve shown up and the pool cleaner says, “I wouldn’t”, as he gestures towards the milky, opaque cloud that is the remains of human scum from the weekend. Disappointed, I zipped over to my local Culver City Plunge only to find that they are closed from TODAY until the 31st for spring cleaning. Ack! With a client appointment at 11 am I lost my morning swim. Since people are only going to get scummier as the weather gets hotter, it’s time to move the pool swim to Friday and make Monday my rest day. Except I do a 2pm bodywork appointment Mondays. Hmmm. If the fourth event in triathlon is transitions, and the fifth is nutrition, the sixth has got to be scheduling. Sixth is obsessing about 1-5. Seventh is looking at bike porn.

In other news, I’ve found a way to spend $200 quickly. I’m having aero bars put back on the road bike, since I miss having an aero position for the long flats. I also have to have my handlebar tape re-wrapped because mine has WORN OFF. Add that to putting in my Bontrager Buzzkills (the extent of my magical thinking) and I’ve got to leave the bike for a few days. Good thing I’m going to San Francisco this weekend to visit friends and force a taper (more on the taper later). I’ll still bring the running kit and swimming gear. Like a shark, if I stop moving I die.

It occurs to me it’s time to name the bike. An online tri-friend named hers “The Fucker”, which I have to admit is the best name I’ve heard yet. So start making suggestions.


7 responses to “Human scum.

  1. Max- great blog. Need a glossary to understand what the hell you’re talking about!

  2. if it were me… id make certain i named the bike something friendly because after all it is only the two of you and .. quite frankly the fucker sounds like at any given moment.. its gonna fuck you up! not a good thought in a race. how about.. ‘loyal pal who will never let me down”..!? or LP for short. :)

  3. I like the sound of “Sergeant Slaughter” or “Sarge” for short. Tough but respectful. And hey, Pro Wrestling + G.I. Joe = WIN!

  4. I like “bike of the mind” so people can ask to see it and you can say “I’ll show you the bike of the mind” … okay, it was funny here.

  5. The Butcher

  6. a few more names:

    The Reformer

    Beef Mobile


    Point of Inquiry

    I may have more later.

  7. “Sergeant Beef Transformer” has a zesty ring to it.

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