Leave the GPS at home.

Being a slave to data can have its drawbacks. Today I’m in Richmond, CA, in the east Bay near San Francisco, and I left the GPS at home.We’re visiting friends and this is supposed to be the start of my taper, which means scaling down all my activity so I can rest up for the race in a week. At home I often run or bike the same course, so I have a good idea of how far I’ve gone and what level of exertion I’ve put in based on mileage. When I travel I often don’t bring a GPS because it liberates me from the technical side of training and lets me just go out and have fun. Amongst all the data, review, scheduling, mapping, planning, and crap there doesn’t seem to be enough fun in what I do. And yet being outside in new neighborhoods and different faces is fun. Window shopping other people’s houses is part of the voyeurism of running. Not staring at the GPS to determine pace, or even just ignoring the watch for long periods and choosing roads because they look interesting is part of the joy of being an active person. I write all this even as I realize that I’ve been disengaged from my friends and spouse during this visit. I’m getting more and more nervous about my upcoming race and I’ve displaced that energy into writing about bikes in my triathlon bike 101 post. There are two delicious 18 month old children, my Godchildren, that just want to be played with and tickled. Going out for a run was liberating and now I’m going to carry that feeling back to my friends and family and let go of the data for as long as I can.

Notes: 1hr around Richmond, El Cerrito, San Pablo. Lots of gnarly hills I should not have sprinted but they felt soooooo good.


One response to “Leave the GPS at home.

  1. Tickle those kids.

    Tickle the CRAP out of them.

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