Days (and nights) of madness.

Last night I was walking the dogs and an idiot neighbor triggered an explosion of anger and tension.She was an idiot because she walked her tiny imp of a dog towards me as my big dog is taking a dump. I’m saying clearly into the night air, “please stop, Stop, STOP” because I know my dog likes little dogs the way Lenny from Of Mice and Men liked rabbits. And yet nitwit keeps walking towards me talking about how beautiful my dogs are. Sure enough the big dog is totally enamored by the fluffball and steps RIGHT IN HER OWN SHIT to turn around and attack the woman’s dog.

Now I’m pissed. I’m yelling at her to back the fuck off because now both dogs are trying to play with her rodent and the leashes are tangled and I have packing to do and clients keep calling and I don’t know anything about Boise and OH GOD IT’S A CASCADE OF ANGER. Idiot finally got the message I wasn’t going to play nice and she left. Dogs and I walked back home, me picking up the big dog’s back legs and wiping them on the ground to get the big pieces off, then convincing her to come into the bathroom with me. Good times, let me tell you.

All this to say this is why I slept in this morning. Anger’s no good. Anger at idiots is a waste of energy. Sleeping until 8am, which boggles my mind that I consider that sleeping in now, was good.

I took The Butcher out for a 30 minute spin, our last before it gets boxed up and ready to fly. Today is also the first day of the true “carb load” as glycogen takes 72 hours to access for race day. It’s all moving forward, whether I am ready or not. 


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