Bang! I’m off.

The bags are packed. I’ve printed everything I can think of, made my lists, and planned my schedule (to be posted here AFTER I finish – no time now!!!).The shuttle arrives at 8:30 and then it’s an 11:10am flight to Boise, hookup with Otto and then go directly to the expo for registration. Then we hit the expo until 5pm, and we’ll drive the bike course so I can eyeball those gnarly inclines on the elevation profile for real. Bike reassembly at Otto’s house, bed by 10. Saturday is jammed with stuff including athlete briefing at 9am, a practice swim at 11am, and all the bike gear and bag drop off that’s got to be done.

So sorry to leave you all in a lurch until after the race, but that’s the way it’s gotta be. I’ll do more postings on Tuesday for the wrap up, and maybe if I can reach a computer on Sunday I’ll post the results. 

Goal: finish

Second goal: do not finish last.



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