The clock is ticking.

We’re checked into the hotel. My bike has been dropped off at T1, I got a half hour practice swim in Lucky Peak Reservoir and I am much more comfortable with how I may do coming out of the water.

The last 24 hours have been a lot of prep and logistics, and my eternal gratefulness to my local hosts O., L., and their two dynamite kids. L. is actually cooking my yams right now. What an amazing gift. A bed to sleep in, organic produce ready and waiting, and now she’s taking the time to cook my yams while O. gets his press credentials for shooting the event. It doesn’t get much easier than having a local guide who opens his house, is a press photographer and can gain access to spectacular areas for viewing, and is shooting material I can use later. I’ll do a complete race report, including the logistics and planning I’ve had to do over the last day (and it is extensive), and without O. & co and my wife I’d be completely hosed.

Now it’s off to T2 to drop off my run bag, which I won’t see again until I get off the bike tomorrow. Then it’s back to O. & L., make my bike fuel, dinner, and as early a bedtime as possible. 5am wake for a 7:20am wave start.

And I’m off!

Notes: 300 meters, 8 minutes, according to the guy in the kayak. I think that’s short, ’cause no way did I swim 300 meters in 8 minutes.


One response to “The clock is ticking.

  1. Oh my freakin’ gawd… retroactive “GUID LUCK, YA BASTART”

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