Monthly Archives: June 2008

Travel fatigue.

It was a long, but overall very good weekend. I was able to maintain a decent diet thanks to the Whole Foods walking distance from the hotel, but with familiar obligations there wasn’t much opportunity to do any long workouts. It was great to finally spend some time with my triathlete uncle and marathon aunt to talk races and training, and then we met up Sunday morning for a quick 4 mile run together with their kids. However, after six hours in the car yesterday, and general travel fatigue I wasn’t hitting more than 15 mph for the first half of today’s ride. I also didn’t manage to get out to do the ride until almost noon. In penance I added a few miles to the ride and so it became an 18.5 mile ride in 1hr 13. Somewhere around here is the energy I need to keep working today.


Griffen bikes.

Hello from Richmond, CA, where I will be leaving shortly for my wife’s family reunion/progenitor memorial service. There are fires in the central valley and I’ll have to check the air quality before I put in some miles this afternoon, but it may wind up being an indoor treadmill day. Also, I only brought the banana hammock swimsuit and must debate the embarassment factor before jumping into the pool with 100 of my wife’s family members around. In the meantime I’m going to start researching tri bikes for real so I can figure out what I want and obsess about it for a year while I save up the money to buy one. For starters, I present to you Griffen Bikes. Boron carbide ceramic metal matrix!

My other life.

I’m driving to the Bay area in a half an hour, so no long post this week. I was going to post a bibliography page just to get something up, but that’s actually material for a second tab on the site. So in lieu of that I’ll post a video that accurately portrays an all-too-familiar scenario in my other life.


Did my standard ride today: 1hr, 17 miles. But I was fighting a strong headwind the whole way out, which gave a nice push on the way back. The bike computer said I averaged 16.5 mph, but I think it’s wrong. I was doing 15 against the headwind and 21-25 on the way back. I have to remind myself that the computer is probably more accurate than my perception and spending $500 on a bike computer with cadence counter and GPS will not make me faster.

No Vineman.

Alas, I did not make it from the wait-list to entrant for this year’s Vineman 70.3. That means my options for squeezing in another 70.3 this year are looking pretty bleak. Races fill fast and you should plan your season months in advance. Next year I want to do 4 70.3 races along with Escape from Alcatraz. We’ll see… Until then I can train for the three remaining Olympic and Sprint distance events on my calendar. Now the objective is speed!


Once upon a time I had a Transformer face tattooed on my leg. It has since been covered up by something much larger, ironically transforming into something else. But the root idea still holds, that a key to life is transformation, being able to change oneself into something else – better, hopefully – throughout one’s life. I had swim/run/coffee this morning with someone I feel is a kindred spirit, someone who takes transformation as a life philosophy. Continue reading


My wife’s grandfather died last night. With 13 children, nearly 100 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Karl Nelson lived long enough to see five generations of his lineage into the world. But perhaps Karl’s legacy is that quantity does not always equal quality. Simply living a long time and having a lot of children does not automatically create joy and happiness.

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