Boise 70.3 Part 4: Post mortem

What worked? What didn’t? What’s next?

What worked:

Training: six days a week, alternating bike, run, swim. Ocean swimming Wednesdays. Brick workouts whenever possible, especially bike-to-run long distances. Saturday long rides 50 miles+ building endurance. Sunday big bricks of long ride to run or long swim to ride.

Food: yam+peanut butter+honey+sea salt was perfect. Didn’t need Gu on run.

Friends: having friends and family on the course was magnificent.

What didn’t:

The Tri suit: chamois too thin after 40 miles killed performance on bike split.

Food: got bored with yams by 4th baggie and should have eaten one more. Need a flavor additive to mix it up.

What’s next:

Clothes: Try different shorts for long rides that can be worn as tri two piece.

Bike: SPIN SPIN SPIN. Get cadence and wattage output higher. Get a fluid trainer for speed drills and intervals. PUSH A BIGGER GEAR.

Swim: join Masters and drill, drill, drill.

Training: Brick workouts whenever possible. More bike-to-run long distances to keep groins and legs comfy. Add weights 2x per week and build muscle.

Travel time: need more time to bake and prep food mixture. If I fly to a new city give three days lead time for city navigation, grocery shopping, and food prep. Early to bed, early to rise and get acclimated ASAP.


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