Come on, legs.

Yesterday and today were my first days back working out since Boise. This is probably as good a time as any to discuss FATIGUE.Most of the race literature I read said to take the first week back as lightly as possible. There’s a greater risk of injury post-race, and the energy stores are pretty much depleted from the big event. Bah! I woke up at 5:20am, ten minutes before the alarm yesterday and got myself out the door for the ocean swim with a spring in my step.

It was great to see all the regulars at the swim, some of whom knew I was heading to Boise and asked how it went. I certainly feel as though I have passed a crucible, a significant difference between the week before the race and now. I let the others know that I was only going in for two laps, forcing myself to keep it easy and just move my legs.

I hit the water and was immediately happy. Everything felt right about swimming, even though my form still sucks and I’m slow as molasses, I love open water swimming. More importantly, my heart rate was slow and steady. The fear was absolutely gone. I now know that I can swim 1.2 miles in open water under a course cutoff. It’s eradicated any trepidation or fear that was left of my own ability in the water. Yes, I’m slow, but I’m fast enough and will only get better.

On the second lap I felt pretty good. The water was slightly choppy, but easy to navigate. More importantly, as I came back in was the first time I got looped by the top guys. Not bad! I stood on the beach and checked the watch – 30 minutes for two loops. Fine by me. I walked back to shore and watched the others doing their loops as the warm fingers of the sun came up behind me.

Everything felt good until I fell asleep sitting upright on the couch at 10pm. Tired? Nah.

Today I intentionally dallied in the morning, thus restricting myself to a 40 minute run. I did 4 miles, just slower than normal pace, and like an idiot I put on my band-aid wrong so my heel was in pain by mile 3. Forced me to walk a bit, which was fine.

I’m definitely rearing to work out again, but I’m aware that my body is still recovering from the race and travel. I haven’t put The Butcher back together yet, there’s just been no time since getting back. Tomorrow is technically my rest day, which I’m going to force myself to take even though I didn’t do anything but travel Monday and sleep on Tuesday. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll scope out the Masters swim at Santa Monica.



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