Hello, fun.

Finally, a return to normal. A Sunday without commitments, just pack the gym bag and go have fun for a few hours doing a free-form workout. We cleared off the schedule today so we wouldn’t have any time deadlines or schedule commitments to keep. It’s been weeks of being scheduled down to the minute and this is the first day in perhaps a month that didn’t have any obligations. I “slept in”, which for me is now 7:40am, walked the dogs, ate, then grabbed the gym bag on the way out the door. Spent a half hour in the pool doing half-assed speed drills (10 lap warm up, then 5 laps of going as fast as I could, then five laps of backstroke to even things out). Then a lazy car-trunk transition to running clothes and a half hour run doing half-assed speed drills on foot. Then a blissful soak in the jacuzzi, shower and change into shorts, and lying by the pool reading silly sci-fi.

And my wife was worried about feeling like she was kicking me out of the house! I was going to title this post “life in Southern California” but realized that missed the point. It’s days like today that keep the fun in training. My best days are ones that have no timetable so exercise can just be a solo pursuit of whatever I feel like doing. Heck, that sentence can be halved and it would be more true. My life is spent scheduled, either for other people’s problems or taking care of my own. My love of triathlon is that moment when the obligations drop away and I am somewhere on the road or in the water tending to no one’s needs but my own.


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