Two days ago I blogged about my perspective of my father’s finances during my childhood. Yesterday I wrote a paragraph that said that we’ve got to be more than just the Freudian wreckage of our parent’s mistakes. Therefore on today, Father’s Day, let me say –thanks, dad.


Thanks for rescuing me from a toxic household when you could have cut all ties and run away to freedom.

Thanks for bringing me to work with you and exposing me both to rabid advertising people, the first Macintosh computers, and more importantly an environment of people being paid for their creativity.

Thanks for giving me the freedom to explore my own creative interests and the encouragement of not getting disappointed at first.

Thanks for coming to my defense every time an authority tried to censor me or crush my hopes.

Thanks for not being one of those jock-dads persecuting their sons to give them high school glory-by-proxy.

Thanks for courting and marrying a spectacular wife who has been more of a real mother to me than the one I share genetic code with.

Thanks for being a parent who believed that I was ready for college early, and focused on achieving the goal rather than the restrictions.

Thanks for not being judgmental about any of my swings in career, grades, or achievements.

Thanks for modeling behavior that is clear to understand and not practicing random reward.

Thanks for surviving 2005.

Thanks for being my first reader and biggest fan (sorry, Seth, you’re very much a close second).

Thanks for being there at the finish of my second marathon, where I shattered my own expectations and put the screws to you to shatter yours. (And thanks for not getting pissed at me when I outed our deal in front of all your friends.)

Thank you for wanting to live, and wanting to be around for more than a few years.

Let’s see what’s in store together.



Notes: 1 hr, 17 miles, midd-day in the heat with a sore ankle from the long ride Saturday. After a big breakfast and walking the Marina with my dad-in-law and looking at swanky boats. Didn’t drink enough water, didn’t wear enough sunscreen. Bad recipe for a long workout.


3 responses to “Pop!

  1. Hey he’s your DAD! I’m just some guy you met one time! Come ON!

    Ok. You can have that one Stuart. But watch your back!

  2. Damn! Now you know the what makes the whole trip worthwhile. And H gets it now too.
    Love you.

  3. Thanks for making mom-ness so rewarding. I may be a late bloomer, but I AM capable of learning, especially from such an incredible teacher.

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