Car vs. Bike

I wish I could be a bike commuter. I had to drop my car off for service yesterday because of a stupid idling issue and the whole thing threw a monkey wrench into my schedule.My energy level for training is highest in the morning, just after I wake and eat a quick breakfast. Trying to work out later in the day is hard because I’ve got a belly full of food, a head full of other people’s demands, and mid-day/evening is when my phone tends to ring more as people experience problems. Pushing away from my desk at 4pm is kind of the worst thing for my work.

In just about every interview I’ve read with committed endurance athletes they confirm that waking early and doing their workouts is their optimum time. If they have kids, day jobs, whatever, crack of dawn training beats waiting until later in the day. For those of us in major cities, the pollution index goes up considerably after hours of cars filling roads and filling our air with nasty fumes.

Last night my wife commented that I was very stressed out, even though I had a swim that morning. Usually a swim day puts me in a great mood. But dealing with cars (even my nice, super fun, sporty car) and clients and laundry and grocery shopping and cooking and dog walking and a stupid broken bike lock and only swimming a half an hour because of stupid bike lock and on and on tweaked my day.

Therefore I woke up early today to return my swanky Mercedes rental car, get my old car back, and get home to put in an hour on the bike before my 9:45am appointment.

That turned in to 45 minutes on the bike, rushed through my shower and breakfast, only to have my appointment cancel at the last minute. I’ll use this new time to clear out the backlog of my inbox, clear my head and my to-do list as much as I can. I wish I could be out on the bike or in the water without looking at my watch. I wish I could bike to all my appointments and ditch the car. I’d wish peace on earth and goodwill towards men. I’d wish for the end of systemic poverty in America and equality for all under law. All of these things are a fantasy – wish in one hand and shit in the other. See which fills up first.

Notes: pathetic 45 minute bike spin to first bathroom on bike path and back, about 11 miles total. Bleah.


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