A perfect ride.

What made today’s ride perfect? Weather, personal energy, overall speed, sustained cadence, sustained position, and attitude.

The week was pretty stressful what with running all over creation Monday and Tuesday putting out client fires. Wednesday was a great swim and work from home, then another urgent client meeting that turned out to be really kind and productive with a wonderful client that has always treated me with warmth, respect, and attentiveness. Ate well the whole day, and got to bed before midnight. I woke up early today, first at 5:30, then again at 6:45, decided to get up and start the day.

There’s definitely something to eliminating the stress in one’s life. Training helps a lot, but so does *not* training and creating as much space in one’s life for slowing things down.

As a result of having a clear head and eating right I had a perfect ride this morning.

17 miles, just under an hour. Low headwinds and a light fog over the ocean. Warm, but not sweltering. Didn’t have to yell at anyone either. Was able to maintain a comfortable push-up position in the drops of the handlebars and still maintain 19-21 mph. W00t!

And now, by overwhelming request, a link to what the hell I meant by chaturanga.

Favorite quote sent by my CHLA fundraising team captain:

“”If you think training for a Triathlon is tough try Chemotherapy!”


One response to “A perfect ride.

  1. Many thanks. Of course, now I have to rub Tiger Balm on my eyes just from looking at those pictures.

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