100 pushups.

I’m going to start a six week program to do 100 consecutive pushups. I just dropped and did 20 for my initial test which puts me at level 3. Anyone else up for the challenge?


9 responses to “100 pushups.

  1. I’ve just resumed my weightlifting and alternating elliptical trainer / treadmill workout. By “just” I mean “yesterday morning.” My combined fitness / muscle strength building / fat loss goal includes being able to do 100 push-ups in 18 months. Since I’ve never been able to do more than 10 before, I figure 18 months is an ambitious but not insane goal.

  2. Sounds reasonable… If you only do one every 5 days that easily gives you…

    …what? In a ROW? Good luck, pal.

  3. I’m in! Wii Fit has a push up challenge that I just unlocked. The first level only required me to do 10, which was pretty easy. I’ll let you know how level 2 goes.

    I do a kajillion pushups during my yoga practice, but not all in a row.

    100 sounds like a heck of a lot.

  4. So I only made it to 14, but I realized I was doing yoga pushups (elbows in!) so it might be harder than it should be.

    I tried again this morning with normal pushup form and made it to 18…

  5. I did the day 1 workout last night – OUCH! 10,10,8,6, finish with max. I managed 7 at the end & saw my shoulder veins standing out after. A little sore today, but hanging out in the drops of the handlebars will do that!

    I think once I can do 100 of these I’ll start doing prison yard burpees!

  6. I have to reset already! Friday is my rest day and it would be kind of self-defeating to add an increasingly intense pushup workout to the mix. I’m going to do the Day 1 workout again Saturday, then again on Tuesday. My new plan is Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. This allows Friday as a rest day and keeps my head straight by starting each new week near the beginning.

  7. Are you engaging your lats to do your push-ups? It ain’t all about bi and triceps you know.

  8. Careful, dad. I’m seeing you in three weeks. If you give pushup advice, you should be prepared to show me how many you can do.

    There’s also a bet we made that’ll be overdue for checking…

  9. Checked with Duane about the advice… and he concurred. Engaging back and abs in push-ups keep you from tearing musicles in an effort to build them. As for push-up contests: I still have to grow my arms longer to do them most effectively.

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