A good whine.

Rushed ride this morning since I was under the gun to get in a quick workout before daily obligations set in. A fast 10 or so in about 40 minutes, I think. More importantly, I can now show off the amazing present I was given by my aunt and uncle this past weekend – my very own Ironman wine! To be saved and savored until 2010 when I cross the finish line at my first 140.6! Not only do they run marathons and do triathlons, but they are also wonderful coaches and microvintners. Thank you, Barbara and Rich! 


3 responses to “A good whine.

  1. I can almost smell the bouquet… lots of earthiness… what they call woodland floor. Perhaps a shower is in order.

    Actually, what a wonderful gift.

  2. Your own wine is an awesome gift.

    And I love the facial hair. You now look more like the devil (or a Vaudville Ringmaster) than I do — damn it!

  3. I wish I was still in a position to lovingly sculpt my facial hair… ah, youth.

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