Cycling: the art of the quickie.

I woke up this morning barely able to open my eyes. I even managed to get to bed before 11 last night, but apparently it wasn’t enough sleep after a weekend of taking it easy. (Only in my new paradigm does biking 56 miles and running 6 qualify as “taking it easy”.) With a 9:30am client meeting I had to make my miles count.I tried to do this morning’s limited window as fast as I could go. Turns out it wasn’t that fast – even the best laid plans can be derailed by a strong headwind. Still, I managed 11 miles in 40 minutes, with a monster headwind and pressure system over the bike path the whole time. Some days it’s hard to figure out how there can be a headwind in both directions, but I watch the water along the Ballona and sure as hell the waves are coming at me on the way out, and at me on the way back. Maybe I’m just controlling the tides with my exercise plan. That is the awesome extent of my power.

I’ll keep trying these kind of experiments until my research yields more effective training. It’s kind of fun to try and blow myself out in an hour ride. (Not as much fun as trying to blow myself, but that’s not the kind of “ironman” I’m working on right now.) All I want to do this summer is work on speed so I can post some respectable times for the Olympic and Sprint distances. Everything being relative, of course. A respectable time means not coming in last, maybe even gunning for mid-pack of my age range.

In other news, Bicycling Magazine’s new issue shows off some affordable tri bikes, damn them. With as much debt I’m carrying, how can I even pretend to consider a $3,000 bike? My wallet says no, but my heart says yes, yes, yes.


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