Ocean swim & run brick: dead by dawn.

It now takes twenty minutes to get through the parking machine line at the Wednesday morning swim, so its popularity is both good for the group swim training and bad for my misanthropy. At dinner the other night my wife made a suggestion for my blog’s content, and today I completely forgot to implement it.

Instead of talking about it when I actually get around to doing it you’ll be the first (or 40th if my logs are right) to know.

Had a great bodywork appointment yesterday as Jill pulled apart my pectoralis minor after I jacked it up doing pushups. It had been some weeks between appointments and I’m going through a lot of major changes right now. I’m changing my body, changing my mind, and transforming in giant ways. Part of that change is evaluating how I define myself, and what that means for the future. I’ll post more of this as I change, but here’s a short summary of where my head is:

I have an appointment in a few weeks with an agent. I am very much looking forward to this, and I hope she is a good fit.

At the same time, I am committing myself to do a full Ironman in 2010. I will need to devote 30 hours a week for an entire year to train for this event.

Right now, I train 20% of my day, write 10% of my day, and consult 70%. We are in debt, cannot afford to buy a house, and our present financial situation means we are treading water and not saving as much as we’d like. It is therefore unsustainable. Something must change.

Ideally I’d like to train for 30% of my day and write/procrastinate 70%. Unless I can make that happen this year, it will be time to make a career change. I have no idea what this means. All I know is that I’d rather damage my knees pounding pavement than crawling under desks. Crawling has become easier since it’s supporting two activities I love, but as I said, it’s unsustainable. Crossing finish lines makes me happy. Presently, those lines have been more tactile in triathlon.

Managed 3 laps of really crappy form, followed by a four mile run all in just over an hour. Nothing magical, no great revelations, just put in the miles.


2 responses to “Ocean swim & run brick: dead by dawn.

  1. I sincerely hope you find the career you are looking for, but barring that, I hope you get the financial stability you need to do what y0u want.

    I am not worried for you, though. When all external factors are cancelled out, and it comes down to you and your drive and talent, I’ll bet on you every time.

  2. Max, you never did anything the easy way. And if history is a predictor of future results, this passage will make you stronger in the end. The most important thing is that you are not in a solitary pursuit. Friends like the guy who is singing “I ain’t got nobody” provide an invaluable support system — above and beyond your wife and the girls and your parents (both in-laws and outlaws.)

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