Cycling: HIIT me baby one more time.

Holy crap! Today’s ride ROCKED. I was able to commit to a full hour: a 10 minute warmup followed by 40 minutes of 30 second sprint/1 minute spin High Intensity Interval Training. And even though I covered the same distance – 16.83 miles in 59 minutes, the quality of those miles were outstanding. I felt stronger, faster, and better! Maybe it was shaving off all my body hair.

That’s right. I said it. Every so often I’ll grab the clippers and shear myself like a farm animal. It used to be just for entertainment purposes, to change things up visually for myself (and only myself for so many years). I’ll never forget the day I took off all my hair – with a razor blade – and forgot I had a doctor’s exam the next day. When it came time to undress for the prostate exam I could swear I saw his eyebrows raise for a moment before violating me like, well, again with the farm animals.

It looks like the dietary changes my nutritionist made are having an effect. I’ve added a lot more protein to my diet over the course of the day. It’s been difficult to add meat to my snacks but I’ve committed to bringing an ice pack and cooler bag with me and am now loading up on sliced turkey breast in the snack bag. That means I’m carrying raw nuts, two pieces of fruit, a whey shake powder, and 8 oz of meat with me every day. I stood over my car trunk slicing up a nectarine before driving to a client today. The fat furnace is burning and for lunch I damn near climbed over the sneeze guard at the Ralphs salad bar and shoveled spinach and cauliflower down my gullet. I’m eating all the time and the result? Lost 2 more pounds.

Shaving off the body hair actually serves a purpose now. I’m applying sunscreen constantly, showering constantly, and in a daily state of sweat, slather, rinse, repeat. No hair means applying sunscreen goes faster and drying off is quicker. No, really! 

Of course last night I get a phone call asking if I’m interested in getting tattooed again, this time at the Pomona Tattoo Expo. I said “absolutely”. If I can get the ink finished this summer I’ll be thrilled. I can heal up, get into a Master’s swim class, and then decimate my race times come September.

I’m still only in my first year of triathlon. There is so much more to learn, test, and try.

Perhaps I should review the half dozen clippers and razors in the arsenal.



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