Swimming: drill, drill, drill.

Today was a pool swim day, taking a risk in the pool after a summer weekend. Gladly it was not filled with human scum and slough. I did swim drills. 10 lap warmup followed by 5 laps with the swim paddles and pull buoy, 5 with the kickboard, 5 with the paddles again, another five freestyle, and then two more backstroke to unwind the shoulders. It took just over half an hour, and I definitely feel the difference in how the paddles correct my stroke and work my shoulders. The kickboard is also helping to strengthen my back by forcing me to arc beyond my incorrect proprioception of where my legs should be.

I’ve got a truncated week, heading to DC on Thursday to visit family and drop off the wife at grad school. Upon my return I have almost two weeks of alone time, and while I’ve promised not to fill the entire time with work it’s more likely I’ll fill the time with training!

Many years ago I would have run off to a titty bar. These days I’m dreaming of hill repeats.


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