Cycling: I’ve run out of witty HIIT puns.

There are certainly loads of them, to be sure, but they’ve been used so often I ought to just lay off. Today’s ride was good and fast with great weather and solid performance from the old peg legs. Yesterday I did an hour with Jill focusing on back bends and stretching out the hard to reach piriformis and iliacus muscles. Cycling, running, and swimming all antagonize the muscles in one axis of movement. The benefits of yoga and stretching help to balance these movements. It’s also really painful sometimes!

Today I also met with Matt at New Performance to review my diet and progress. I’m down to 12.5% body fat, which is great news. I started at 17%, so in three months I’ve whittled away at myself steadily. Even though my weight isn’t moving that much (I still hover around 179 lbs +/- 2 depending on the day and exercise) I’m letting go of the numbers on the scale as I can see none of my clothing fits anymore. We had to wear fancy dress for Friday’s Magic Castle night and I looked like David Byrne in his Big Suit in all of my suits. The one I went with was a custom tailored two piece made for my father-in-law from the days he was a beanpole coathanger. It was still big on me. Even one of my clients said to me that they never thought I was fat, but they did know me before I was “buff”. That was hilarious.

Before I run out and buy a whole new wardrobe I still need to take off some more percentages. Eventually I’ll level out, but I’m still in race season with a slew of events in September and October. Once the season is over I’ll hit the gym and do some weight work to add much needed muscle. But for now I’d like to see how low I can get that percentage number while still maximizing my overall efficiency.

I know I just wrote that reading about someone’s personal data is boring. But that’s it for today. Some days are just boring, grind it out days. I’ve had about a dozen conversations in the last week talking about how I define myself as a person based on what I want and what makes me happy. It’s those little moments when change happens, often not a single revelatory moment. Grinding out miles, 500 a month according to Scott over at Tri Zombies, is what effects change. So I’ll up the mileage and see what else changes.

Today: 17 miles, 55 minutes, HIIT in the big ring.


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