Cycling: give it some gas!

And by “gas” I mean both out the booty and metaphorically in the legs.The other side of eating four servings of vegetables a day is that sometimes I am one gassy mofo. Roasted brussels sprouts, squash, and eggplant in walnut oil and salt for dinner last night meant I had an afterburner jet on the bike today. That’s got to be why I was able to bust out 16.75 miles in 53 minutes with an average of 18.8 mph. BRAAAAAP!

Damn relieved I was able to squeeze in a HIIT ride this morning before we take off for the airport. I’ve got five minutes before we dive into the car and leave. I’ve only packed my running gear, feeling kind of naked without all my other stuff. But Friday is my rest day, and if I put in some good running miles Saturday and Sunday I can move my long ride to Monday. I’ll have two weeks without my wife here so I can dictate my entire day’s schedule. I love my wife, but once a year it’s wonderful not to have to share process or timing over minute decisions. It’s both ways, too. We come back to one another happy, confident, and a little edgy at having to reacclimatize to the other’s processes again.

Absence makes the hermit more Unabomber.


One response to “Cycling: give it some gas!

  1. Again, right on the money. I love my wife and my kids, but I can’t be any good for them if I completely subsume myself to their needs. If I didn’t get a little time for myself now and again, I would only end up losing myself, and resenting them. That shit ain’t kosher.

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