Cycling: one HIIT wonder.

Okay, so I wasn’t completely done with HIIT puns. Will I ever? Who knows. I managed to get in a fast 40 minute HIIT session today, changing things up by moving to 2 minute sprint / rest sessions. Harder, and maybe even better. I was reading Brian Melekian’s blog today and laughing about his competitive streak. I, too, find myself targeting other riders and runners and pushing harder to try and bury them. Difference is that Brian actually CAN.

My success depends on the time of day. Brian’s burying LA Tri Club riders – seasoned, good cyclists. I’m putting grandma into the ground and sucking tailwind off guys in $200 Italian bibs. As I said to Brian, unless you’re the lead dog the view (*) never changes. Seeing some dude’s ass in front of me is good motivation to get past him. And once past, the feeling of having pushed harder makes me feel better. Yes, I’m competitive. It’s getting bigger in me the faster I get, which means I have to keep it in check so my ego doesn’t get bruised when I get smashed to pieces by the vast number of athletes that are better than me.

And there are many.

So, so many.

On Wednesdays I swim the ocean speed circuit and Ian Murray is often there. Ian also recommended my nutritionist and he is a solid presence in the LA Tri Club. To that end, I think I’m going to pick up his new video series: Triathlon Training Series. For $125 it’s a five DVD series including drills, of which I need instruction. I’m still interested in formal coaching, but this might help to guide some more of my knowledge and training.

Of course, I’ll review it here. So I can write it off.


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