Ocean swim/run: “gee, that was swell.”

I write this already bone tired at 10 am. Got up at 5am for the ocean speed circuit, but had to walk the dogs first since the wife is out of town. That put me slightly behind for the morning and I didn’t get to the parking lot until almost 6:30. Barely a line for the meter, but it meant I was pulling on my swim cap just as the pack was about to head out for the start. To make things more interesting, a swell came in from a storm causing bigger than usual waves. I elbow bumped Brian as I tossed down my stuff and barely had a chance to look at the ocean before we turned towards the beach and made our way in.

Generally you want to eyeball the ocean before you start going in so you can time the wave cycles and at least be prepared for what’s coming at you. Waves in that area run about a five minute pattern, so even just a few minutes staring at the water will let you know what’s coming as you charge the water and more importantly, what’s coming behind you as you swim back in. I’ve said it before – never turn your back on the ocean. Watching the pattern will at least give you some idea of how long you might be in the washing machine if you get tossed around. 

Disobeying my own rule I bounded in to the water with the rest of the group and had a pretty easy time getting past the breaks. Navigation was strained due to the higher waves, and a mean cross current causing me to zig zag out to the buoy. Only got kicked and pulled a few times on the first loop, which felt fine. On the second loop I was getting more settled in to my stroke but still wound up getting kicked and tugged on. And then the third loop on approach to the buoy I collided head-on with a speedy lead-pack non-wetsuited woman and I barely managed a “sorry” as she zoomed her way back to shore. When I looked up to see where I was it turned out SHE was way off course. I was fine in my proper line and she was a good twenty meters south heading into oncoming traffic. So some fast stranger owes me a damn apology.

After that third loop the field had thinned out but I still saw a few swimmers wading into the surf. The organizer was picking up his cones and going home, but I rounded the divots in the sand and decided to break off one more lap. The fourth lap was slower than the others, but it felt good and right to crank it out. Four laps in 50 minutes. One day I’ll wear my GPS and find out if it’s 250 or 500 meters each lap. Because 1000 ocean meters in 50 minutes sucks. But 2000 ocean meters is a number I can live with.

Strapped on the shoes and knocked out a strong ~4 miles down to the Venice Pier and back. Got home, got clean, and now I’m totally wiped out. Good thing I have to help my cousin move heavy furniture in his new apartment and I’m one day behind on my 100 push up plan. *sigh*

Somewhere in all this I have to get some writing done.

Yesterday I finally got to see The Dark Knight. I damn near creamed my jeans it was so good. The minute my wife’s plane lands we’re going to see it in IMAX. Forget family dinner, forget “catching up” (euphemism that it is), Batman is more important. Wow. Just wow.

Capped off the night by watching Juno, which I had successfully avoided seeing for months. Boy, did that movie suck ass. I can’t tell whether to hate Diablo Cody for writing a stinking pile of underwritten dogshit, or to hate society more for celebrating her. I have nothing against strippers turned writers selling screenplays, as long as those screenplays are good. This one wasn’t. Every character speaks with the same voice, what little character differentiation there is creates thin, boring plot, and ultimately there is no consequence for any action or decision. Sometimes there is merit for writing characters that don’t change; but not in a character-driven story. With any luck her Oscar will be her albatross and Iron Thighs Cody will simply flounder in her brief success.


One response to “Ocean swim/run: “gee, that was swell.”

  1. Told ya. Helen was ready to buy tix for the next show before we got up from the last one. So, how much was the screenwriting and how much the original material?

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