Turning tricks: DIY super sprint!

When I go tup this morning I couldn’t decide if I was going to do a long swim and run, a swim and bike, or something else entirely. I decided to strip everything down to its bare minimum – no iPod, no bibs or costume changes – just a multipurpose swim/bike short, tri suit top, glasses, ID, watch, socks, and road shoes. It turns out that I wound up doing my own super sprint triathlon this morning, grinning like a doofus the whole time.

I downloaded the Facebook app to my iPhone yesterday and even though it’s more handy, I still don’t understand why I need to let my friends know moment by moment what is happening in my life. I’m pretty certain Shervin Pishevar doesn’t really care about my morning plans. We haven’t spoken since high school, and I wouldn’t recognize him if I was peeing next to him at a trough. But somehow I know what he’s doing because Facebook keeps telling me. As I typed my morning conundrum into my Facebook profile I came upon the idea to simplify my morning. Feel it out and do what felt good. Find the joy, keep it happy.

I was listening to the Tri Talk podcast and the host, David, encouraged people to smile before their races. First, it generates positive energy around the sport. Yay. Second, and this part I really liked, it’s way more intimidating to pass someone and smile than it is grunting and huffing showing your mean face. Implied is the idea that if you’re grinning, you’re comfortable while the other guy huffing and grunting is deep in the pain cave. You might be in the pain cave, but you’re not going to share it.

I put on my minimal bike/swim gear (goggles around my neck) and biked the 5 miles to my pool. Locked up the bike and cranked out 30 laps (1371 meters) in just under 40 minutes. I pulled on the bike gear and went out again on a ride to the beach. Turned around at the RV park and went back home hovering in the 20 mph range, finishing 17 total miles in just under an hour. Somewhere on the way back I decided I had plenty of gas in the tank and would go for a run. Got back in the house, touched the dogs, pulled on the shoes and applied sunscreen and hit the road again. I think I ran about 3 miles and change in just under half an hour. I left the iPod at home and stayed loose and comfortable. I still managed to punch out decent times, but I kept smiling the whole time. I enjoyed it. I am getting stronger and faster, not as quickly as I’d like, but it is happening. It’s also dynamite to know that I can roll out of bed and knock out basically a sprint distance triathlon and still have the whole day in front of me.

Ironman J and I agreed yesterday that one of the wonderful parts of triathlon is that a day like yesterday or today gives those of us with wacko punishment/reward systems license to relax. I can fritter away the rest of the day doing odd jobs about the house, organizing my comic books, watching TV, because I’ve already done my training. I’m allowed to relax.

I’m still learning from my dogs – they can relax whenever they want, and they don’t have to tell any of their friends on Facebook about it.


One response to “Turning tricks: DIY super sprint!

  1. Ahhhhhh, but can you lick your…

    moustache? Where did you think I was going with that?

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