Not a rest day.

I slept in today. I was thinking that since I’m doing a long ride on Friday with Brian & D. that it would be wise to rest Monday. My wife pointed put to me that Monday is my bodywork day and so it’s not really a rest day. Argh!


This comes back to the whole devaluing training thing. Once upon a time I felt like an hour of movement was enough exercise. Not anymore. Yes, I break a sweat doing yoga and being pushed to stretch, but I don’t acknowledge it as a caloric expense beyond a normal day’s needs. Because “normal” is subjective.

On an unrelated note, my inlaw’s dog had to be put down yesterday. Making it so much worse was that they are away from home and had to make that decision remotely. She was getting old and infirm and had inverted her stomach at the kennel. The kennel acted quickly and got her medical attention but it was clear that it was going to have a negative outcome. After getting the news I called my wife at school and talked with her while petting our two lovely bitches, who remain blissfully unaware of their own mortality. I love my dogs and do not anthropomorphize them, ever. But they are loving, living pillows that will one day cause me real grief to let go.

After yesterday’s super sprint I still had enough energy to do all the laundry and reorganize our whole house’s bookshelves. Comic books are now properly next to the art books and nonfiction and reference are together in the office. My fellow taxonomist and comic friends will appreciate the order, and I hope my wife does not kill me.

Now I go to be pushed and prodded into pretzel shapes after tapping out my first blog entry via iPhone. It may be my last!


One response to “Not a rest day.

  1. Blogging by iPhone sounds like a real pain. You’re better off spending your time exercising.

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