Ocean swimming: what am I doing awake at 5am?!

I dragged my ass out of bed this morning at 5am with the alarm clock, interrupting a bizarre dream where I was killing terrorists and drowning babies in some strange video game. There’s truly nothing more boring that listening to someone describe their dreams – its like watching an orangutan play with a Rubik’s cube. Overly complicated resulting in a pattern only the monkey can understand. I suppose the same could be said for how I approach swimming, a complex set of movements that in the right body results in a Michael Phelps, and in mine, results in the death throes of an epileptic manatee.

Nevertheless, I agreed to meet with Brian for his 6am (MMMDOSTFTEBRIN) Monday Morning Middle Distance Ocean Swim That Feels Too Early But Really Is Not. He’s wrong. It’s really early. At least with the speed circuit if I set the alarm for 5am I can get some time for the coffee poop out of the way before the 6:30am start. With a 6am start there’s a slight feeling of having a jumper in the door as I pull on the wetsuit. Let me tell you, I eat so much asparagus right now that there’s just no way I’m letting anything go in the wetsuit. Turns out that of the 5 people who RSVPd with Brian, it was just him and me Monday morning before dawn. For that reason I was glad I showed up. I guess like Sunday’s ride, I still would have done the ride even if no one showed. But one person makes it feel like it could grow if you just add water and consistency. Brian’s trying to get a coaching business off the ground, and organizing his own group sessions like this will yield different results based on everyone’s schedule. As we walked down to the lifeguard tower and sighted the jetty to jetty distance I have to admit that once I am suited up and ready to go the cobwebs start to clear and the focus settles in for what I’m about to do.

The space in between the bed and the beach, or the alarm going off and the beep of the interval watch is perhaps the longest distance I have to cover these days because it’s a mental distance and not a measurable physical one. By the second lap I was feeling great about being in the ocean again, with warm water and a solid pace I clocked in about a mile swim. Having forgotten the watch in the car, I think it took just over an hour. That’s walking 1/2 mile from the end point to the start, entry, swim, exit, walk 1/2 mile back to the start, do it over again. Next time I’ll wear the watch.


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