Sledgehammer of sleep.

Sometime around 9:30 last night I fell asleep on the couch. Not just asleep, dead, zombie, couldn’t move my limbs asleep. My wife went to bed, the dogs were sitting on the floor waiting to be walked, and I was stretched across half the futon unable to move my body. Sometimes I can ignore what my body is telling me and sometimes I’m just hit with a sledgehammer.

After the mile swim yesterday I had a 2pm appointment with Jill Miller, my yoga teacher/bodyworker friend. I now have a chronic pain point which comes up after doing a lot of running: my levator scapulae.  This muscle connects the shoulder to the cervical vertebra and apparently when I run my shoulder gait strains this particular muscle. When it is inflamed turning my head becomes painful, and since I sleep on my side it makes it hard to rest. Jill did a lot of deep tissue work, for an hour she dug in deep and unlocked connective tissue that was adamant about not releasing. She managed to open up my entire back and when it was over I lay on the floor, face down, not able to move. Not only did I not want to get up, I couldn’t. I was completely neutralized in an ecstatic way. Finally I did manage to get up and start moving, in a fog of circulation. I managed to go about the rest of my day safely, and worked right up until 9pm at which point I got to sit down with my wife and watch some of the Olympic coverage. That’s about all I remember until I woke up sprawled on the futon with dogs staring me intently.

Therefore I went to bed without setting the alarm, recognizing when sleep was more important than even a minute on the bike. Now that I’m up and rested, the housecleaners have finished and left, I am going to go out for a ride of an hour and change. Not a HIIT session, I’m still fatigued. But maybe push a big gear for twenty miles and throw in some one leg drills to start building asymmetrical intelligence. This is a method for building proper cadence. Most cyclists mash through the 1 o’clock to 6 o’clock position on their rotation, which means there’s a power dropoff in the rest of the crank cycle. Unclipping one foot from the pedals and doing intervals with just one leg forces the hamstrings and glutes to engage the entire revolution. It’s also best done on a stationary trainer and not among traffic. But there’s a long stretch of bike path between the Playa bridge and the RV parking lot where I can do this safely. If it’s open and the body is willing, one legged drills here I come. Though a nap sounds just as good right now.

Oh! I’ve just been told about a local custom bike shop that will do a full power output test and then build a tri bike designed for maximum power based on personal geometry. This gives me serious wood. Or, serious carbon, depending on how you like your bike porn erection metaphors. Check the tri maker link above and look at Predator – they just opened a brick and mortar shop in Venice. Field trip, here I come!


One response to “Sledgehammer of sleep.

  1. Jeeeze, I remember when I could buy you off with a new Transformer.

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