Data junkie.

Garmin finally released its training software for Macintosh and I am now a happy data junkie. I did a HIIT session on the bike today, and even though it wasn’t the best session in the world due to fatigue and heavy legs, the data output gives me some interesting visuals to correspond to my perceived training.Take a look at this screenshot:


Garmin Training Center capture

Garmin Training Center capture


There’s a few places where the heart rate monitor lost contact with either my skin or the device and the sharp spikes show a data drop. But disregarding those you can see my session today: 10 minute warmup followed by 2 minute sprints, 2 minute rests, with some erratic time towards the end because of idiots on the bike path. For some reason I couldn’t get my heart rate above 155 the whole ride, even as I pushed so hard that lactic acid was building up in my legs. It could be fatigue, or even overtraining, but things did start to feel better in the second half of the ride even as people got dumber around me. This is why I know I have serious slow twitch muscle fibers. It just takes a long time for me to get warmed up and moving. 

Leaving for Seattle early Saturday morning and bringing the running kit with me so I don’t go stir crazy. Maybe I’ll lead a group run on Sunday around scenic Paulsbo, and bring the GPS with me to give some sort of nerdy athletic slide show afterwards.

1 hr HIIT, 10 w/u, 40 min of 2×2, 10 w/d


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