Waaaaay off plan.

Greetings from Seattle. I’m tapping this out with one finger so it will be brief. The last few days I’ve been traveling and doing my best to stay on my food plan and get some training in. Today was the first day I felt completely off, even though I got in a 40 min run yesterday and this morning.

The last two days were spent at a friend’s wedding where half the time was spent doing manual labor helping set up and tear down the event. While the wedding itself was lovely, hammering rebar into the ground in suit pants makes for an interesting soiree. I had the honor of being half of the wedding sedan bearers, carrying the bride in procession to her altar as part of a traditional Chinese wedding. I have no idea how to factor these things into a caloric expenditure. I do know that in two days I ate half a jar of peanut butter and half a jar of applesauce as snack filler. Poulsbo isn’t the middle of nowhere, but in that we were bouncing from resort to motel and back finding snacks was rather trying. We took the ferry to Seattle this morning and we connected with my in-laws for lunch, and then with family friends for the day and dinner in a new city. We found a restaurant for lunch and I ordered what I thought was going to be grilled vegetables, but was a Greek salad covered in feta. I did my best to remove the cheese and ate the rest. Dinner was at a Chinese restaurant, which while it’s some of my favorite food, is also not really part of the diet plan.

It’s only been two days of weird eating, but I feel strange because of it. I have the Santa Barbara long course race on Saturday, which means starting Wednesday I have to start eating for a five hour race. This means a lot more carbs. At the same time I have to reduce my training workload because I need rest more than anything else. These next few days are going to be very hard, as I try not to counter the recent bad food intake with lots of miles. Two days of plan won’t kill me, but overtraining or injuring myself will stop me from racing. We leave for home early tomorrow morning. This is the first time I miss my fridge more than I miss my bed.


One response to “Waaaaay off plan.

  1. I hear ya about missing the home frig. Traveling is always hard on my meals. My only suggestion, do the best you can, but don’t hammer yourself about it at all. Like you said, in the long run a couple of days won’t kill you. Sometimes it’s good to have a change up anyways. Good luck.

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