Thus begins the carb load. This morning’s breakfast was 1.5 cups uncooked oatmeal with 3 cups of water made in the rice cooker, then mixed with ground flaxseed, applesauce, and whey protein. After eating it I was sweating, and then I realized I have to do this every few hours with more carbs for the next two days. I’m reminded of the time I tried to quit smoking by sitting down with a friend and smoking an entire carton of cigarettes.

That experiment ended in being out of cigarettes. This one results in being sick of carbs too soon. With a race on Saturday I have to start putting calories into my system now, since anything eaten the night before isn’t really used. Add this to the fact that I have to drastically reduce my exercise volume and this is the hardest part of racing. Increase food intake, drop movement. Feel like a blimp.

I picked up a salad for lunch but couldn’t even find the room in my stomach to eat it until 3pm. Today my plan is to connect a new cadence counting bike computer on my bike, prep my race bag, and cook up the yam concoction for race day. There’s all this prep for a long race, much of it touching everything to make sure it’s still there. Dumb, but I know I’m not alone.

I’m sharing a hotel room with a stranger tomorrow night before the race. Should be interesting. In the time it’s taken me to write this brief article it’s become time to eat again. Blorf.


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