Pre-race brain dump.

Santa Barbara long course is tomorrow, and I leave in about two hours to drive up for my first solo endurance race. Time to clear the head and get organized, focus on the simple tasks at hand and put down the miles.

My wife and I have an agreement that she will come to any new distance race, but for lengths that I’ve done before she can stay home. She wants to go, but we’ve been traveling and working so hard that her time is better spent at home resting. Strangely, getting away from home, work, and responsibility is my kind of relaxation, so we’re both getting what we need in different ways. 

I purchased a Louis Garneau transition bag yesterday to pack all my gear, and it’s worked quite well. I haven’t practiced with it at all, thus violating the “nothing new on race day” ethos. But my alternative was using a giant gym bag with all my stuff thrown in. My new bag even has a chair!

Here’s the race kit inventory:

In Transition bag:

wetsuit (wearing fullsuit due to water temp)
swim cap
bikini brief swimsuit

road shoes

running shoes

race belt
Timex watch
4 water bottles
transition towel
Sugoi bike shorts
DeSoto race top
running shorts

yam baggies
almond milk (for coffee)
peanut butter

Bike (duh)
bike rack for car

And here’s how the race will go:

Saturday pre-race:

Wake (4am)
breakfast: coffee, peanut butter, applesauce
put in contacts, apply sunscreen, try and poop.
load car, head to race start 

Body marking, race timing chip pickup

set up bike at rack with gloves and sunglasses inside helmet, hanging off bike aero bars, 4 water bottles on bike
set up yam baggies to drop into tri top after swim
disposable water bottle to rinse sand from feet
transition towel to dry feet
set up tripod chair!
apply bodyglide to ankles, neck, get into wetsuit, carry goggles, cap, earplugs to race start

Swim 1 mile

get out of wet suit en route to T1, pulling goggles, cap, and plugs into sleeve
drape suit over bike rack
get into Sugoi bike shorts, DeSoto jersey top
put on race number belt
Sit, use water bottle for feet, dry feet, pull on socks and road shoes
gloves, helmet, sunglasses
load yams & spare tire into jersey pockets
exit transition

Ride 34 miles

deposit bike on rack
remove helmet, gloves, bike shorts
put on running shorts
sit, remove bike shoes and pull on running shoes and visor

Run 10 miles



One response to “Pre-race brain dump.

  1. Where will the ice bath be waiting?

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