Friends don’t let friends overtrain.

I was standing in my riding clothes, having applied sunscreen, pulled on the heart rate monitor, bibs, jersey, loaded the water bottles, yam baggies, GPS, and RoadID, thinking about where I was going to go for 50 miles when my wife and Damon both said to me, “I think you’re overtraining.”

My wife said it first, worried that I had never fallen over asleep the way I did the day before after my Time Trial test. I was going to connect with a friend for a Sunday long ride, but at 6:45am I woke up to a text message saying he could not make it. I went back to bed for a few hours, but still got up and did the full prep for a long solo ride. Internally, I was having some doubts. I was still feeling tired from the day before, hell, from the month before, and the idea of doing 50 miles sounded hard. But I also wanted to get out of the house and move for a little while. I looked at my email and Damon had written, concerned that in yesterday’s ride there was no reason I should have been behind him. And to that he said I was probably overtrained and tired. My wife said, “call your friend”.

I called Damon who then went on to tell me that he’s seen how fast I can go, and my exhaustion could be a sign of overtraining. I have a race this Sunday, and another big one the following Sunday. The hard work is done already, just slow it down and rest. A few days off won’t hurt a full season of training. I agreed to take it easy, still needing to go out for a ride.

I did just over an hour on the bike, keeping my heart rate in or under zone 2, slow spinning. Got back and spent the rest of the day with the wife and bopping about town. Had a lovely dinner, came home and put on a bad sci-fi movie.

At 11pm I had my second migraine.

Is it overtraining? Is it fatigue? I no longer know. I do know that I hate migraines, they ruin my night, they interrupt my wife’s sleep so she can give me medication, and the pain is horrendous. But they are a clear indicator that my system is out of whack.

I am going to listen to my wife, my friend, and my head. I’m taking a day off. We’re going to look at sofas, I might organize the garage if I have the energy, but the most important thing for me to do is get out of this migraine cycle and rest so that I can race safely and well this Sunday. Truth be told, I’m not even attached this Sunday’s race. It’s Malibu that I want to dominate. That won’t happen if I’m sick, overtrained, or not 100%.

Relax. Train lightly. Eat well. Sleep. Who knew that would be the best thing I could do to race?

My friends.


One response to “Friends don’t let friends overtrain.

  1. My favorite part of this post is, “they interrupt my wife’s sleep so she can give me medication….”

    You sly dog.

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