Resting in peace.

My idiot, drunkard, loser, surfer-turd neighbors finally moved out last weekend and I have enjoyed several days of going to bed early with quiet, uninterrupted sleep. It’s like the stars have aligned nicely and what I needed the most – rest – has been delivered to my doorstep wrapped in a bow. Even just three days of going to bed at 10 and sleeping until 8 started to pay off with less stress, more energy, and a better quality of life. This absolutely showed in yesterday’s bike workout.

In the days leading up to Sunday’s race I’ve dialed everything back to prep myself for a strong race. I did the Wednesday ocean swim to keep my ocean skills up, but I only did a 15 minute run after to top off the brick. Yesterday I got an email from Coach Brian with my heart rate zone data culled from the time trial I did last weekend. I plugged that into my Garmin, strapped on the heart rate monitor, and took off for an hour of zone 2 spinning.

The ride couldn’t have been more perfect. I stayed in zone 2 pretty steadily for much of the hour and watched my average speed hover towards 20 mph. Without blowing up, without fatigue, without sweating like a dog, my wattage output was good and I felt outstanding afterwards. I am so happy to have an empty apartment next door and blissful quiet at night. Sleep, blessed sleep.

Today I rest. I’ll drop by the Expo this afternoon to get my packet of numbers and drop off my run kit for T2. Tomorrow I’ll do a mini-tri of sprinting bursts for each sport, 20 min pool, 30 min bike, 10 minute run, just to keep everything primed and ready. Then Sunday is the Olympic distance race. I’m starting to get the butterflies before the race – mostly it’s about getting up at 4am and getting to the start line. A very different feeling than last year when this was my first triathlon.

To celebrate my one year in the sport I sent a letter to Guru asking for a free bike. My argument is sound – any pro can ride any bike and see a few seconds difference. But an age grouper like me will see huge chunks of time taken off their PR – that’s real performance attributed to a product. So come on, Guru. Sponsor me! I’ll shout your name from the rooftops! Maybe not from a podium, but I’ll find ways to make it worth your while.


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