New uniform! New habits! LA Tri is tomorrow! Triathlon Lab in Redondo Beach sucks!

You can see where my head is right now. I just got back from a mini-mini-mini sprint tri in prep for tomorrow’s race. I biked the five miles to my pool, did ten minutes of sprinting laps, then jumped back on the bike for a half hour of sprinting intervals, then ran for ten minutes of sprints. I feel outstanding and I did it all in the new CHLA Team uniform I got my grubby hands on last night! Presenting….

This is a self portrait taken post-workout, which explains the sweaty face and slightly crazed expression.

I dropped off the shoes and visor in a plastic grocery bag yesterday at the expo, which means I did today’s run in an old pair of running shoes. The LA Triathlon expo blew this year. Spartan booths, crummy swag, and dominated by not just one multilevel marketing tent, Herbalife the title sponsor, but TWO! Some garbage Acai berry beverage MLM pyramid scheme tent was recruiting. I’m going to have to send off a letter to USAT complaining. If we’re so concerned about keeping our sports drug free and clean, how about clean from predatory marketing bozos selling snake oil and using cult-recruitment tactics? I think MLM pyramid schemes are just as dangerous as EPO. Worse, actually. Drug users don’t force their family to buy the drugs, too.

I’m excited for tomorrow’s race. I can tell because every little twinge in my body is a bubbameintze making me fret that I’ll have a DNF (Did Not Finish) at the race for some reason or other. My ankle hurts. My piriformis is singing. Are those spots migraine precursors? Oh yeah, I’m ready to race.

I have to complain about one more thing. I’ve gone down to Triathlon Lab many times to drop bucks. Each time I’ve been either ignored or treated noticeably less courteously than other people in the store. The first few times I chalked up to anomaly. The third, fourth, and fifth times I can’t dismiss. The nicest they’ve been to me is when I called ahead to check stock for a wetsuit, and when I came in a salesman handed me the box and asked if I needed any help. I said I was fine, thanked him, and then he disappeared. The clerk in the store I dealt with for my purchase was indifferent and detached. I contrast this to my experience at Triathlete Zombies, who are consistently friendly, solicitous, remember my name, and ask how my races and training are going. Night and day difference. Yesterday at the Expo Triathlon Lab had a big tent set up with smoking hot Orbea Ordu bikes on display. I want this bike. It’s super sexy with carved out lines across the top tube, with Batmobile-style slicing where the seat mast protects the rear brake assembly. Seeing it in matte black with Cobra wing aero bars just made me drool. I spent a LOT of time checking out this bike. The sales rep asked SIX OTHER PEOPLE around me if they needed help or had any questions about the bikes – and they were barely looking at the bikes. Not once did he approach me, ask if I was interested in buying, or had any questions. This is an $8500 bike. A fitting will cost another $150. Plus coming back for more and more stuff. ARE YOU LISTENING, TRIATHLON LAB, YOUR SALES STAFF SHOULDN’T IGNORE A PETULANT BLOGGER BECAUSE I WILL KEEP TYPING “TRIATHLON LAB IN REDONDO BEACH SUCKS” INTO MY BLOG OVER AND OVER TO SPIKE SEARCH ENGINES. Clearly I’m an athlete – I’m carrying an expo bag with my bib # and race gear.  I’m not dressed like a bum – I’m not even wearing flip flops. When I cross over to the Orbea/Shimano tent they immediately start talking about my mustache, which I offer to trade for a bike. This starts a conversation about the idea of riding a giant-wheel Victorian bike in a triathlon, just to match the mustache. We joke and talk for a good five minutes about mustaches, bikes, and triathlon. Simple. A relationship. They get to tell me about their product, I now have said Orbea Ordu enough times in a blog to get them some hits. But let this be a lesson to Triathlon Lab. Your attitude SUCKS. I’m going to Triathlete Zombies for everything, even if they have to special order it. I’m done being ignored by your sales staff, I’m tired of showing clear interest in spending thousands of dollars only to be passed over. One more time for the Google robots: TRIATHLON LAB IN REDONDO BEACH SUCKS.

For those of you that care, I’m bib # 331 and my wave goes off at 7:05am. I’ll be wearing a Royal Blue swim cap.


2 responses to “New uniform! New habits! LA Tri is tomorrow! Triathlon Lab in Redondo Beach sucks!

  1. I hear ya and echo your cry … TRIATHLON LAB IN REDONDO BEACH SUCKS

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