LA Triathlon Olympic Distance: 2:57:08

Overall #619 of 1111 finishers, Division place 58/155, Sex place 547/911.

Swim 1.5km 38:58
T1 5:09
Bike 40km 1:18:45
T2 3:27
Run 10km 50:51
Time 2:57:08


8 responses to “LA Triathlon Olympic Distance: 2:57:08

  1. Second that, way to Max!

  2. I mean, way to go Max!

  3. Say what you mean Ted… Way to Max®!

  4. After 3 days in technohell, I’m finally back online from Palamos, Spain. For those who plan to use a Verizon phone to roam in Europe… it’s iffy at best. Had to buy a disposable phone for land use. Verizon works on ship network. That said, congratulations! M sends love.

  5. You did the point to point Olympic distance course, right?
    Swim: 1.5K (.9 miles)—Venice Beach
    Cycle: 40 kilometers/24.8 miles—Hollywood and surrounding areas
    Run: 10 Kilometers (6.2 miles)—Downtown.

  6. Yeah, I like the first one better too!

  7. Once it was way to max out your credit. Now it’s just Way to Max. A quantum leap forward!

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