Lookin’ dorky in the parking lot.

Did my two laps in the ocean this morning and got slapped around by the swell and surf again. I did it on purpose to toughen up my cheeks for Sunday’s race. The Oly last Sunday was rough in the sea, a marked shift in the ocean conditions in a short amount of time. I want to be prepared for this Sunday where it’s likely we’ll see 7′ waves slapping us down pimp-style. To heal up my still sore ankles I did lopsided circles after the swim, rolling inversion and eversion to flex out the joints. I looked idiotic but it felt great. Speaking of dorky, I just found out that celebutants go first at the Malibu Sprint so it will be a good goal to chase down and destroy J-Lo and Jon Cryer on the course. There’s got to be some satisfaction in mowing down pop stars and 80’s icons. I hope beating them means I get to keep their bikes.


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