Season change, Triathlon Lab gains a point, avoiding getting fat.

This morning I woke up thinking about getting back on the bike. I don’t have a nutrition plan for the off-season yet, and even though I’m right at the edge of burnout, I can’t pull the plug on my workout plan until I have a new plan that is lighter in volume and avoids packing on fat pounds and losing fitness I just spent 9 months building. I’m definitely doing an evaluation of my first season in the sport, as well as the impact of this blog and my role in the triathlon community. It was with some surprise that I got a letter from one of the owners of Triathlon Lab in Redondo Beach in my inbox this morning!

She wrote a personal letter apologizing for the bad experiences I had in her store and asked for more detailed information so she could speak to her staff about it. This, right here, is what makes triathlon a community populated with smart, good people. I’m just an age-grouper athlete writing about his experiences in the sport and the personal growth I’ve attained in doing it. My blog stats aren’t public, Google hasn’t added me to their blog alerts yet, and I could be some nut case yammering away in a Unabomber shack. And yet, writing about my negative shopping experiences did make its way to the owner of the store and she wrote me back asking how to make it better. Not a cease-and-desist from a lawyer, the owner of the store reached out personally and made contact. It is my sincere hope that future new customers get great treatment. Thank you, Triathlon Lab, for being responsive and extending goodwill. It goes a long way towards changing minds.

Sunday night dinner was celebratory pizza, the first I’ve had in over six months. I can’t say that it was an orgasmic experience, but it was pretty damn good. It was a local joint, and serviceable. What I really wanted was a Joe Peeps 5,696 calorie blue collar special, but that meant driving to the valley. There was no way that was going to happen so we settled for local delivery that rated highest on Yelp. My wife got sick (she’s lactose intolerant and hasn’t had real cheese in months), and I felt pretty crappy. That fifth slice was just eaten out of spite. We had a deal in the house that after race season we’d reacquaint ourselves with cheese. I’m going to book a tasting night at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, but I think my days of passive dairy consumption are over. Mediocre cheese isn’t worth the caloric density. I have dopamine receptors specifically for excellent cheese and I vow not to pollute them with delivery garbage. It’s Mozza or nothing, kids!

I have to make one more appointment with my nutritionist. I need a meal plan for the off season of less workouts, time in the gym, and most importantly, how I eat when I’m on complete vacation and only have access to a pair of running shoes. When I do the calculus on the time, effort, and money spent on getting my body into its current shape it makes me cry to think it can be undone by only a few months of passive consumption and sloth. Two activities that pretty much defined decades of my life. I’m much happier in my new body – it can do all sorts of new tricks.

And now, boys and girls, it’s time to get back on the bike and get rid of some of this pizza that’s still in my belly after two damn days.


One response to “Season change, Triathlon Lab gains a point, avoiding getting fat.

  1. Why is the grin I picture you wearing when you say, “I’m much happier in my new body – it can do all sorts of new tricks.” particularly wicked? Why?

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