I got up at 5am this morning, ready to hit the Ocean Speed Circuit. I figure the ocean temperature and darkness are going to force an end to ocean training in just a few weeks, so I should take every opportunity to get salty. I got up, ate my PB & applesauce, prepped my coffee and sat down to read email and news. But I couldn’t read words. “No, no, no” I thought. Must be a bad contact lens. Went to the bathroom, adjusted the contact, looked at my shower curtain of the periodic table of elements, and realized I couldn’t read the word “Germanium”. This was a migraine precursor. I went back to the computer, hoping I could will myself out of it. The more I tried to read, the more I realized I was having trouble with all object recognition. I sent text messages to my friends, “woke up with migraine, not safe for me to swim.” Took medication and went back to bed. This is the second migraine I’ve had post-race and I’m not sure how to avoid them. It’s annoying, frustrating, painful, and makes me feel out of control. Frankly, it sucks.


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