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Le Boucher is branded

Took a trip to Red Dragon Graphics in the South Bay Galleria and had vinyl stickers made for Le Boucher.

I managed to get the stickers made and applied before security came by to scold me for bringing a bike into the mall.

It cost $30, but more importantly, was a worthwhile 35 mile round trip ride on the new bike!

Waiting for the muse.

It usually begins as a tiny thing. A single fired synapse that links across my brain to another creating a connection that wasn’t there before. Like pregnancy, I can have many of these without a successful fertilization. But the moment the idea forms and hugs the inside of my mind, there is the potential months down the line for something to emerge. There’s a reason I have a folder in my computer called “abortions and miscarriages” because that is what every idea is that isn’t carried out to fruition. It’s not a loss, it’s part of the cycle of fertilization – not every embryo is viable, not every idea is going to become a complete story. But when an idea takes hold and begins to grow I pay attention to it, nurturing it along, and tempering my hope with reasonable expectation. I’m not painting the nursery, but having a viable idea feels good, it feels right, it’s what I’m supposed to be doing: fulfilling my creative (if not biological)┬áimperative. Continue reading

Le Boucher is born!

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Core Performance: The Workout

Ten years ago I wouldn’t have known the difference between an athlete and a jock. I would have insultingly grouped them together in the same locker room, snapping towels and trash talking each other. Now I know that there is a spectrum with jock on one end and athlete on the other. The jock is the schmuck who by some stroke of nature is physically adept at activity, but is carrying around a sack of rocks for a head. They can be arrogant assholes or just meatheads who are gifted at one particular task. They usually wind up at used car dealerships when they cannot evolve past whatever their basic latent talent happens to be, desperately trying to reclaim their glory days when they peaked. At the other end of the spectrum are athletes, people who use their minds as much as they use their bodies, if not more so. They may begin with a basic talent for sport, but that only serves as an inroad to a larger pursuit of personal achievement. In many cases their athletic activity is merely a reflection of an inner competitiveness or drive to succeed. Sport is just one manifestation of their mind set, and the rest of their lives reflect this inner athlete. It’s inside the athletes of the Special Olympics who do not allow a physical limitation to stop them from training, competing, and winning. It’s the A-type personality, the inwardly driven, self-motivated person who needs to be active because without it they would explode. At its worst, athletes can be control freaks trying to understand and manage every small piece of their lives. At its best, athletes represent the best of us, what can happen if you fuse mind and body through personal will. Core Performance is a gym designed by athletes, for athletes. Continue reading

The Filet-O-Fish Challenge

Before I begin a humorous story about fish, here’s a more somber article about the shark attack that killed a triathlete back in April. It’s a much more detailed account of the victim’s joyful life, the people he knew, and the woman next to him at the moment of the attack. But since Julian requested it, why the hell would I eat 8 Filet-O-Fish sandwiches? In some ways, for the same reasons I do triathlons.

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Triathlon bike research wrap-up.

Barring some unknown radical change, it appears that I will be joining the Cervelo Mafia. I got my independent confirmation today from Ian Murray, a well known and respected triathlon coach, bike fitter, bike enthusiast, and generally great guy. I emailed him my summary findings and geometry questions and he unhesitatingly recommended the Cervelo. He had some suggestions on some simple changes/upgrades which I may execute depending on price. They are also things I can do at any point once I own the bike. For those doing their own research, here is a summary of my research and findings: Continue reading

The Cervelo P3C test ride.

I didn’t want to like it. I’d convinced myself that something that popular, so talked about, insanely hyped, could never live up to that level of expectation. And then Aram from Predator Cycles, that cruel man, called me back to say that the Cervelo’s tube dimensions were significantly better than the Orbea Ordu for my ideal geometry. So there it was; I had to test the Cervelo. I could no longer deny the bike my coach is in a relationship with on Facebook, the clear podium winner of Ironman competitions, and the most recognizable bike in the triathlon world. I went down to Triathlon Lab thinking I would test the P2C, which was the affordable model in my price range. Imagine my shock and awe when they rolled out an ’08 P3C, 2007 and 2008’s flagship frame, for less than the price of the Orbea Ordu. Continue reading