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New goal: Ironman 2009

That’s right – the Big Show. Last night at dinner (Chinese food on Christmas, ‘natch) Sofia and I talked about our highs and lows of 2008, and then what our goals were for 2009. When I talked about my triathlon life she pointed out that I mentioned qualifying for the World Championships in Florida as an abstract goal, but when I talked about going full Iron I got really excited. She is right – I am focused on bringing down my 70.3 time to 5:10 or better to qualify for World’s, but the idea of going to Clearwater, Florida and spending $4,000 on the trip doesn’t excite me nearly as much as pushing myself to the real test of endurance, the Big Show, a full Ironman. I was putting off this goal until 2010, to coincide when Sofia graduates grad school, but it has become clear that the full Ironman distance is my real goal. Go longer, go faster, push harder. Now the idea is to qualify for World’s in the rolldown and pass on it to get a slot for an IM race towards the end of the season. Coach Brian has been saying for some time that he can get me to a full IM in a dozen to fifteen hours a week, the same amount I can commit to for the 70.3 distance. Therefore I’m going for it. I text messaged Coach Brian from the dinner table my new goal and he said it was a Christmas miracle.

There it is – my public declaration. I’m going for my first Ironman. Stay tuned.


Latigo time trial 2, aka TNSTAAFL!

I’m standing at the side of PCH waiting for Brian to ride home, get his car and pick me up. We were riding back from Latigo Canyon after doing two climbs to measure fitness. I was finally recovered from the climbs & the final butt kick of Pepperdine and was picking up my pace when I felt my back tire not just go flat but start clacking badly. I pulled over and saw it was not just a flat but I was screwed:

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Let’s get wet.

Rather than post the insanely boring personal vomit that I’ve been spewing up for days, I remembered that blogs are supposed to be a combination of impulsive, reactive missives along with the more rounded, well-thought essays. Working on the long form has meant I haven’t posted in days, which means I haven’t been clearing out my head. My head gets overloaded with random thoughts and if I don’t dump them to page they pile up like the bills and paperwork on my desk. It eventually reaches a point where I don’t even know what’s important anymore, it’s just one large pile of Urgent Stuff. As I said to Coach Brian the other day, sometimes having complete freedom means you get nothing done. I have two hours of being trapped in the house before my swim workout, a perfect time to do some internal housekeeping.

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3rd Annual City of Angels 1/2 Marathon and the secret of happiness

I have become the person who forgets he’s running half marathons. The constellation of things going on in my life in the last few weeks certainly has taken priority over many things, evidenced by my lack of blogging but continuance of training. I’m busy doing life rather than documenting it. But by forgetting to document it, I stopped reflecting on it and as a result I forgot to note that I was going to run a half marathon on Sunday. And yet, even with the chaos of life around me I still managed to run it coming off two months of rest and maybe three or four running sessions since starting training again. While I have become the person who forgets he’s running a half marathon, concurrently I have become the person who can crank one out with a halfway decent time with little to no warning. This will be handy when I have to hunt a mastodon for dinner. Continue reading

New car, old dog.

I’m now the proud leasee of a new Audi A3 wagon. I got it on the 25th, and I know I’ve been way behind in my blogging, but the headline should tell you why – my little dog tore her right ACL from soft tissue damage as a result of the car accident. Which means even though I finally got a new car, I’ve been overloaded mentally with juggling vet appointments, figuring out our new routine and schedule around a dog that must be immobilized 24/7, carried up and down stairs to use the grass, my client’s ongoing emergencies, and getting a script rewrite done. I know, somewhere the world’s smallest violin is playing just for me. Continue reading