Latigo time trial 2, aka TNSTAAFL!

I’m standing at the side of PCH waiting for Brian to ride home, get his car and pick me up. We were riding back from Latigo Canyon after doing two climbs to measure fitness. I was finally recovered from the climbs & the final butt kick of Pepperdine and was picking up my pace when I felt my back tire not just go flat but start clacking badly. I pulled over and saw it was not just a flat but I was screwed:

But it’s okay- I had a great ride and I’m literally standing on the side of the road dancing to my iPod music, basking in post-ride endorphins. This ebullient feeling is why I love cycling. Right now, even with a screw that’s all the way into my rim, I’m dancing in my cleats. Ascent 1 took 21:30 and 2 took 22:00 to climb 3 miles straight up. That’s two minutes faster than a month ago and on my tri bike, which is not the ideal machine to attack 11% sustained grades. I was also able to average 21 mph on the way out, absolutely my fastest pull yet.

I’m stronger, faster, leaner and I still have 4 months before Oceanside.

So I’m dancing!


Afterwards at TriZombies, I was shown that the screw went through my rim. I need to be careful of frame failure, but can keep riding it for now. Yikes!


2 responses to “Latigo time trial 2, aka TNSTAAFL!

  1. you have a phaser on your wrist. it was set to awesome.

  2. Zizz isss le Boucher ‘o ‘as le screw? You one lucky fella you just went clickety clack and not over the front.

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