New goal: Ironman 2009

That’s right – the Big Show. Last night at dinner (Chinese food on Christmas, ‘natch) Sofia and I talked about our highs and lows of 2008, and then what our goals were for 2009. When I talked about my triathlon life she pointed out that I mentioned qualifying for the World Championships in Florida as an abstract goal, but when I talked about going full Iron I got really excited. She is right – I am focused on bringing down my 70.3 time to 5:10 or better to qualify for World’s, but the idea of going to Clearwater, Florida and spending $4,000 on the trip doesn’t excite me nearly as much as pushing myself to the real test of endurance, the Big Show, a full Ironman. I was putting off this goal until 2010, to coincide when Sofia graduates grad school, but it has become clear that the full Ironman distance is my real goal. Go longer, go faster, push harder. Now the idea is to qualify for World’s in the rolldown and pass on it to get a slot for an IM race towards the end of the season. Coach Brian has been saying for some time that he can get me to a full IM in a dozen to fifteen hours a week, the same amount I can commit to for the 70.3 distance. Therefore I’m going for it. I text messaged Coach Brian from the dinner table my new goal and he said it was a Christmas miracle.

There it is – my public declaration. I’m going for my first Ironman. Stay tuned.


5 responses to “New goal: Ironman 2009

  1. Wow. I am stunned but not surprised. You continue to impress me, day to day, year to year. Amazing growth. Sending love all the time.

  2. Yeah Baby! I am fired up for you! Which IronMan are you going to do? How about Louisville with me???? I think there are a few more spots open!!!

  3. Keep us posted so we can make reservations. Remember, once we make reservations to come cheer for you, you are fully committed. Proud of you. But not sure you’re my son.

    OK, I’m sure.

  4. Do you have any dates on your calendar for July-August?

  5. Couple of thoughts about Ironman Tempe. 1) Arizona desert conditions can make hydration an issue, so training for it probably has some cautions you need to be aware of. 2) My old high school buddy (Dr) Art Mollen is “A marathon runner and triathlete, he is Founder of the Phoenix NewTimes 10K Run. Presently, he is a member of the Arizona Governor’s Council on Health, Physical Fitness & Sports. If you want to contact him about training for AZ races, I can put you together,

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