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Biking Los Angeles to San Diego – 140 miles.

I got an email the other day from Iron Timmie asking if I was interesting in biking 140 miles from LA to San Diego. He said I was one of the few people insane enough to attempt a stunt like that. I took the compliment and then agreed to it. The longest I have ever been in the saddle to date is 65 miles. I’m going to do more than double that, and it will take 7-8 hours. I will have a video camera with me to document our slow progression towards the looney bin. Iron Timmie has done this once before, he knows what crazy lurks post mile 120. I do not. We shall see if I make it. The next post will either be my obituary or one hell of a trip documentary. It kind of sucks that I popped a migraine last night and lost a day of carbohydrate loading. Beginning today I’ve increased my carbohydrate stores, adding more fluids to my regimen, and I stocked up the bike kit larder. Here is the planned inventory:

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Harness the power of yams!

I don’t use gels, Gu, Powerbars, or Clif bars. I eat actual food, which means I have to plan and make my fuel ahead of time. I like knowing what I’m eating and after hours of training I find that it’s easier to force real food down my throat than chemically adjusted frankenfoods. I’m not some wacky food purist. If you can eat gels, Gu, or bars, go for it. But in my quest to go longer and drop my body fat I found that the manufactured products just didn’t give me enough fuel. Worse, they made me gag after the first dose. This is a recipe suggested by my┬ánutritionist, Matt Mahowald at New Performance. You can play with it to experiment with flavors and textures. There is a distinct flavor difference if you use peanut or almond butter, with only a minor calorie difference. (Almond butter tends to have 10 calories less per serving.) Also, for this batch I used chunky style, which means chewing while exercising. Should be interesting. For this version I used Barney Butter, generously donated by Katie B and her sponsor. Let me know how yours turn out!

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New year, new goals, new training, new sore muscles!

A few days ago I was having lunch with Coach Brian and we were discussing my Christmas gift to him of announcing my desire to go full Iron distance in 2009. The biggest problem with making my decision late in the year is that most of the Ironman races have already sold out. Ironman Arizona (IMAZ) sold out the day after the race. Lake Placid sold out and never even hit the internet for race availability. The races that are open are in places like Lousiville, Kentucky and Nowhere, Arkansas. (I’m sure there’s a Nowhere, Alabama and Nowhere, Nebraska and their IM locations suck to get to as well.) But then Coach Brian dropped this knowledge on me – Oceanside 70.3 is put on by the same promoter as IMAZ and if I do well enough I can nab a slot for IMAZ even though it’s sold out completely. Which means I now have a new set of goals for 2009!

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