New year, new goals, new training, new sore muscles!

A few days ago I was having lunch with Coach Brian and we were discussing my Christmas gift to him of announcing my desire to go full Iron distance in 2009. The biggest problem with making my decision late in the year is that most of the Ironman races have already sold out. Ironman Arizona (IMAZ) sold out the day after the race. Lake Placid sold out and never even hit the internet for race availability. The races that are open are in places like Lousiville, Kentucky and Nowhere, Arkansas. (I’m sure there’s a Nowhere, Alabama and Nowhere, Nebraska and their IM locations suck to get to as well.) But then Coach Brian dropped this knowledge on me – Oceanside 70.3 is put on by the same promoter as IMAZ and if I do well enough I can nab a slot for IMAZ even though it’s sold out completely. Which means I now have a new set of goals for 2009!

Triathlon racing depends on a periodized schedule. This means setting an “A” race for the year and building towards that race. Previously, Boise was my A race with the idea of doing well enough to qualify for the World Championships in Florida. But let’s face it, Clearwater Florida is pretty much a wasteland of $cientologists and white trash and once a year a freakshow of sports. Now my A race is IMAZ, working on the assumption that I will do better than a 5:45 at Oceanside. That’s going to be a tough nut to crack in three months!

The last few weeks I’ve been back in training, though I lost a week after getting back from new year’s in Las Vegas. New year’s was a blast, strolling down the strip with 30,000 drunk, happy people. I even managed o get on the treadmill and stationary bike while we were gone so I didn’t just drink and eat myself silly. But there’s nothing like losing a week of training to sickness to feel like I should rent out space on my ass for billboards and imagine that all of my muscles have atrophied into uselessness.

On Sunday Ironman J and I hit back hard, riding 50+ miles to Palos Verdes and back and then capping it off with a 15 minute run around the neighborhood. Two days later and my ring and pinkie finger on my left hand are still numb. I definitely need to make some changes to my bike fit. It was a good reminder that I have not become a total sloth, but like a sloth I only have the use of three fingers.

Coach Brian is in Colorado getting his USAT level 1 certification which means upon his return I expect my training program to be guinea pigged again. I am excited, my psoas is nervous, but my Ironman goals are coming into site.

We shall discuss the tattoo in another post.


2 responses to “New year, new goals, new training, new sore muscles!

  1. Easy there with the $W Florida, Clearwater white trash references!!!! LOL!

  2. “It was a good reminder that I have not become a total sloth, but like a sloth I only have the use of three fingers.” <- Why I love you, man*.

    *(addition of ", man" to deflect any possible gayness)

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