Biking Los Angeles to San Diego – 140 miles.

I got an email the other day from Iron Timmie asking if I was interesting in biking 140 miles from LA to San Diego. He said I was one of the few people insane enough to attempt a stunt like that. I took the compliment and then agreed to it. The longest I have ever been in the saddle to date is 65 miles. I’m going to do more than double that, and it will take 7-8 hours. I will have a video camera with me to document our slow progression towards the looney bin. Iron Timmie has done this once before, he knows what crazy lurks post mile 120. I do not. We shall see if I make it. The next post will either be my obituary or one hell of a trip documentary. It kind of sucks that I popped a migraine last night and lost a day of carbohydrate loading. Beginning today I’ve increased my carbohydrate stores, adding more fluids to my regimen, and I stocked up the bike kit larder. Here is the planned inventory:

3 water bottles for fluids
1 water bottle for bike tube kit
3 spare tubes
3 C02 cartridges (Iron Tim will have a bike pump on his frame just in case)
all the yam baggies I can stuff in my jersey (about 25)
Nuon electrolyte tabs for water bottles
wallet and phone in the rear center pocket
iPod on the arm sleeve

base layer shirt
cycling bibs
cycling jersey
arm warmers
leg warmers
heart rate monitor
Garmin GPS
Road ID
tape route map to leg for easy access to directions, fighter pilot style

Chamois cream

And that’s all, folks for 140 miles. We’ll be all along US 1 and will stop for food, but never more than 10 minutes. Resting too long lets the legs cool down and stiffen so we don’t want that to happen.

See ya on the other side of crazy.


2 responses to “Biking Los Angeles to San Diego – 140 miles.

  1. Hopefully, there’s a wife or someone waiting at the end of the rainbow to load you and the bike back into a car and haul your sorry ass back to LA. Or had you considered the fact that 140 miles might be the halfway point. At which point, a halfway house might be in order. Glick und mazel, boychick.

  2. Your drive is to admire, but not the pain your body will feel after.

    Good luck. Woof!

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