Going off the rails.

It’s been a hard week. Iron Tim warned me not to go back into training until Wednesday, to give myself some time  off after Saturday’s ride. I took Sunday off, but had already scheduled the last few sessions at Core Performance. Those sessions were set to expire at the end of January and they were kind enough to extend them another two weeks, so my frugal compulsion overrode the wisdom of my peers and I worked out for an hour Monday followed by an hour bodywork session that afternoon. Tuesday I swam an hour and change, about 1.75 miles, and then Wednesday back to Core Performance. Coach Brian moved me into 1.5hr workouts, and at the same time a bunch of clients had fires that needed to be put out quickly. One client in Burbank, which if you were looking for proof that space and time are expanding, try and drive to Burbank from Culver City at any time of day.  I’ve titled this post “Going off the rails” because it’s Friday afternoon, my brain is fried, and I’m right at the edge of severe exhaustion. At 4pm I haven’t eaten lunch yet, I’ve got another client appointment before evening, and I haven’t worked out since Core Performance on Wednesday. Oh, and did I mention that Monday’s Core Performance workout crashed their computer system so the coach punched me up a custom upper body workout that destroyed my pecs? I am a giant wad of torn up muscle fiber, mental exhaustion, and overall feelings of being behind on everything. Work, workouts, clients, writing, you name it. Oh, and it’s raining. And my tri bike is still down at Tri Lab because I haven’t had the time to go and get it after being serviced for a rear derailleur issue. Fuck it. I’m going home.


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