Feeling better. Maybe it’s the cheese.

After finally getting a few hours to myself on Saturday (slept in, got a haircut, picked up the bike at Tri Lab) we went to a big birthday party and gorged on cheese from the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. Things are better today and when the light rain stops I’ll be heading out for a long ride with Ironman Julian. I’m still wrapping my head around moving into 1.5hr workouts during the week, but one thing at a time for now. Right now it just feels good to look forward to 50 miles.


2 responses to “Feeling better. Maybe it’s the cheese.

  1. Ummmmm….I thought we didn’t name names here on Max TV.

    You must be tired.

  2. You may recall “outing” yourself in the Filet-O-Fish challenge!

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