Desert warfare.

I leave for the desert shortly, heading to my first “training weekend” with my coach and a few other triathletes. We’re all racing the Desert Tri on Sunday, and I am doing the Olympic/International distance. Saturday Coach Brian has us planned to do an AM 60 mile ride/6 mile run and then an afternoon 40 mile ride/4 mile run. I’m missing today’s long run because my wife works for a living. Frankly, I’m glad to be resting today. I did a double yesterday (swim in the morning and Core Performance in the late morning) and almost squeaked in a triple by adding an hour run to the day. But since I couldn’t actually nap I didn’t have the energy for the run, and I’m more than a little worried about the volume of this weekend. Yes, it sounds fun. It also sounds like a recipe for exhaustion. Going into the race fatigued will be interesting, as well as a good reminder that it’s a warmup race for Oceanside. By not being able to race at 100% I am essentially sabotaging my results, but if I do well (and secretly I hope to do better than the LA Tri Oly distance 5 months ago) I will have much more confidence going in to Oceanside in 4 weeks. That is assuming I survive this weekend. Transition bag is packed, gear is stowed, grocery bags of powdered foodstuffs ready. Goodbye, legs.


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