T minus 6 months.

Today is May 22, exactly six months from Ironman Arizona 11/22. I officially start my IMAZ plan. Well, actually tomorrow. Today is an off day. It’s a good thing, because here is what the next six months have in store for me:

100 miles of swimming
3,000 miles of biking
1,000 miles of running


1) My first non-stop 112 mile bike ride on the tri bike
2) An 8,000 meter swim session
3) A 300 mile bike week
4) Race a 95 minute 13.1 mile half marathon
5) Do a 112 mile ride followed by a 1 hour run


1) Finish
2) Finish injury-free
3) Finish injury-free while honoring my role in my partnership
4) Finish injury-free while honoring my role in my partnership and not becoming an asshole
5) Time is not a goal.

Six months from today I will be yet another person, someone I can’t quite visualize. The person who has done everything in those goals. The person who will swim 2.5 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run a marathon. In one day. Non-stop. I cannot control what happens on race day so I have goals and milestones for incremental success along the way. Six months from today I want to wake up feeling like I’ve already accomplished more than I expected.

The race should be the icing on the training cake.



3 responses to “T minus 6 months.

  1. God Speed Max! Great Post…Can’t wait to continue to follow you on this journey!

  2. You have already moved a large part of the mental mountain in your way – you should already be proud of what you have accomplished. I have no doubts whatsoever that you will leave this experience, – whatever happens – a better, stronger, more complete, and more alive person.

  3. So… I was just looking at your training plan and realized you will be doing the equivalent of riding from LA to Boston, then running the equivalent of Boston to Chicago, then swimming from Chicago to Milwaukee (via Lake Michigan). Um, that kinda seems far.
    You are a rock star!

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